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Custom Attributes for Divi

Now you can easily add Custom HTML Attributes in Divi with Divi Supreme’s Custom Attributes Extension. With Custom Attributes extension, you can add attributes to the Wrapper of the Section/Row/Column/Module or Button.

Why Use Custom Attributes?

Custom attributes are a handy Divi Supreme Pro feature that let users add any HTML attribute to Divi Builder elements such as section, rows, columns, modules or even button. It is specially useful to add data attributes required by lots of 3rd party JavaScript libraries, but also can be used to add additional standard HTML attributes that divi Builder normally doesn’t output.

  • Packed with Power

Stunning Features You'll Love!

HTML Attributes in Divi

Now Easily Add Custom Attributes in Divi that was never possible before.

Add Specifically to Button

You can also add Custom Attribute Specifically to a Divi Button.

Add to Section/Row/Column/Module

Add Custom Attributes anywhere in Divi Builder, It’s Your Wish!

Unlimited Attributes

You can add Unlimited Attributes there are no Limitations at all.

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