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A Complete Solution to Hide Or Show Elements in Divi with Advanced Settings.

Divi Supreme Responsive Viewer Extension takes the guesswork out of creating a website that looks great on every device. With just a few clicks, you can preview multiple responsive sizes or customize your own responsive view for the Divi Builder. The intuitive user interface makes it easy to arrange content for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. 

Advanced Conditional Statement

To Make Element Disappear and Reappear

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can schedule your element just like you would schedule new posts and pages in WordPress but with more options?

Schedule Date/Time

Save your precious time and automate all the element you want to show or hide during your preferable date/time. This will save you hours and hours of time.

Multiple Scheduling Options

Besides selecting the date/time. You can choose who to show/hide from. From logged-in status to user’s roles. You can also show/hide during your business hour.

Use it Anywhere

Use it anywhere on post or page. With Divi Builder enabled, you can show/hide element anywhere. This is compatible with Visual Builder and Theme Builder.

Divi Scheduled Element



Scheduled Element is extended to all the Sections, Rows, Columns, Divi Modules as well as the Amazing Modules provided Divi Supreme.

Show or Hide

Allow you to display element or hide element at given dates and times. You can also give a start and end date and time to show or hide within the range.

User Status

You can choose who to show or hide based on the user’s logged-in status. Apply condition to show it for All Users, Logged In Users or Visitors.

User Roles

Select any user roles which is available to you from your WordPress site. You can choose to show or hide for author or all user roles.

Business Hours

Select days of the week. Monday to Friday, etc, with your preferred opening & closing time. Not only does it saves you time, but also keeps things organized.


Making sure everyone is on the same timezone. Scheduled Element uses your WordPress timezone setting so that you can have better compatibility.

Use Case


Sales Event

Business websites may want to make scheduled changes to appear at a certain time. For example, when you are running a sales event or limited time promotional offer.


You can show or hide an element to those who are logged in or based on their user roles to notify them about something special when they visit your website.

For Your Customers & Visitors

At times, you might want to promote a new product to your customer or visitors with different prices and messages. With Scheduled Element you can do that easily with just a few clicks.

Open for Business

You can show or hide an element and let them know that you’re currently open and is available now or let them know that you’re close right now.

Frequently askedQuestions

Can I show to my WooCommerce Users?

Yes! You can select the WooCommerce users. You can select from the checkbox and it fetch and list down all the available user roles from your WordPress.

Divi Scheduled Element extension is included in Divi Supreme Pro?

Of course!

Will it slow down my Divi website?

No. We developed this with speed in mind. No additional JS or CSS files will be loaded when using Divi Scheduled Element.

Ready to Schedule your Divi Element?

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