Supreme Maps Pro Changelog

1.2.4 – 20.04.2024

  • Fixed: An issue where extra spaces in the custom latitude or longitude fields were causing undefined values on the frontend, which disrupted the display of the Leaflet Map Module.

1.2.3 – 10.04.2024

  • Added: An Admin Label option for each item in the map list.
  • Removed: Stamen Map Styles from the Divi LeafLet Module due to recent changes on their end that now require an API for functionality.

1.2.2 – 03.08.2023

  • Add: Added the option to adjust the Icon Font size when using Divi Icon for Pins. With this new feature, users can customize the size of the icon used for pins, allowing for better control over the visual representation of the pins on the map.
  • Enhance: Improved the calculation of pixel offset for infowindows. This enhancement ensures more accurate positioning of the infowindows on the map, resulting in a more precise and visually appealing presentation of information when users interact with the map markers.

1.1.9 – 03.04.2023

  • Fix: Popup not working Safari.
  • Update: Update leaflet to version 1.9.1 (bugs and enhancement).

1.1.8 – 20.02.2023

  • Fix: Implemented fix to only check license status when the license key is active or valid to prevent brute force attempts.

1.1.7 – 05.11.2022

  • Remove: License check Dependancy.
  • Enhance: Licensing updater script.
  • Enhance: Only load Supreme Maps Pro admin assets when they are needed on the page on all Supreme Maps Pro Setting page or in Divi Builder.

1.1.6 – 02.11.2022

  • Fix: Divi Google Module dynamic assets.

1.1.5 – 11.09.2022

  • Enhance: Remove Divi Google Enqueue method to fix multiple google map js enqueue warning.

1.1.4 – 04.08.2022

  • Fix: Divi Google Module not getting default height in frontend.

1.1.3 – 03.08.2022

  • Fix: Dynamic Assets for both Google and Leaflet Module.

1.1.2 – 20.06.2022

  • Fix: Divi Google Enqueue method in Visual Builder.

1.1.1 – 20.05.2022

  • Fix: PHP warning on update page.

1.1.0 – 26.03.2022

  • Enhance: Remove Divi Google Enqueue method and use Supreme Maps Pro google enqueue instead.
  • Fix: Divi Leaflet Map Module Center Map Padding.
  • Fix: Divi Leaflet Map Module Popup Title heading tag.

1.0.9 – 24.03.2022

  • Fix: Function before google initialize in Visual Builder.

1.0.8 – 28.02.2022

  • Fix: Divi Google Map not rendering in Visual Builder if “Enqueue Google Maps Script” is enabled in Divi Options.

1.0.7 – 09.02.2022

  • Fix: Divi Google Map Height not rendering.
  • Fix: Divi Leaflet Map Height not rendering.
  • Fix: Clustering not working in some cases for Google Map.

1.0.6 – 07.01.2022

  • Fix: Divi Google Map Dynamic CSS file not loaded in Visual Builder.
  • Enhance: Dynamic CSS proper API method.

1.0.5 – 07.12.2021

  • Fix: Divi Google Map Marker Divi Icon not rendering properly on Frontend.

1.0.4 – 03.12.2021

  • Fix: Divi Leaflet Map Module border.
  • Fix: Divi Leaflet Map Module Open All Popups.
  • Fix: magnific popup not found if using Divi plugin instead of Divi Theme.
  • Change: “Open All Popup” to “Open All Popups”.

1.0.3 – 02.12.2021

  • Fix: Divi Google Map Marker InfoWindow animation.
  • Enhancement: Dynamic CSS enqueue and filter priority.

1.0.2 – 01.12.2021

  • Fix: Divi Leaflet Map Module not rendering in Visual Builder.
  • Fix: Missing enqueue method if Dynamic CSS is not enabled.

1.0.1 – 30.11.2021

  • Add: Dynamic CSS Option in Supreme Maps Pro plugin settings – Only load CSS files related to Supreme Maps Module when they are needed on the page (Required Divi 4.11 and onwards).

1.0 – 25.11.2021

  • Release: Initial Supreme Maps Pro release.


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