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Supreme Library Shortcode Extension

Adding a Divi library layout to your website is now easier than ever with the Supreme Library Shortcode Extension! With this powerful plugin, you can quickly and easily embed layouts from your Divi library into posts, pages, or sidebar widgets. Just copy and paste the appropriate shortcode for any layout that you want to use into any WordPress page or post – it’s as simple as that.

Why Use Library Shortcode Extension?

The Library Shortcode Extension is the perfect solution for taking Divi Builder beyond its existing boundaries. Utilize the power of Divi Builder on any page or post, even if you cannot use it through traditional means. With just one shortcode layout, you can unleash a world of possibilities with your website and create amazing custom experiences that were once off limits before. Create stunning pages using the powerful tools of Divi Builder without limitation or restriction.

  • Packed with Power

Stunning Features You'll Love!

Go Beyond The Boundaries

Wit the help of Shortcodes, no you can use Divi Builder Where you can’t before.

Copy & Paste, Damn Easy!

Damn Easy to Use, Simply Copy the Shortcode already create for you and Paste it Anywhere.

100% Free to Use!

Library Shortcode Extension is 100% free to use and is Available in Supreme Modules Lite.

Unlimited Library Shortcodes

You can add Unlimited Shortcodes and there are no limitations at all.

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Divi 5 is coming soon. Take a quick look at a demo of our modules in Divi 5.