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Supreme Library Widget Extension

Are you looking for an easy way to use Divi Library Layouts in the Sidebar or any Widget area? The Divi Supreme Library Widget Extension is here to make your life easier! This powerful extension enables you to quickly and easily insert custom library layouts into any widgetized area of your website. 

Why Use Library Widget Extension?

The Library Widget Extension is the perfect way to add Divi Library Layouts anywhere in your website. With this handy extension, you can easily insert widgets into your Sidebar, Footer or anywhere else on your site for a modern and streamlined look. This widget makes it easy for any website owner to quickly boost their design by adding additional elements with ease.

  • Packed with Power

Stunning Features You'll Love!

Easily Insert Layouts in Widgets Area

Easily Insert Divi Library Layouts in your Widget Area, Sidebar, Footer, etc.

No Coding Stuff, Hella Easy!

It’s Super Easy to use, simply insert the Widget and Select the Layout, and Boom!

Create Stunning Sidebars

With the help Library Layouts, you can now go further than Boring Sidebars.

Unlimited Library Widgets

You can add Unlimited Widgets there are no limitations at all.

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Divi 5 is coming soon. Take a quick look at a demo of our modules in Divi 5.