Divi Supreme Random Image Module

The Divi Supreme Random Image module streamlines the display of a random image on your website. Upload images to the module, and it will automatically select and display a random image. This feature offers an effortless way to showcase a variety of images without the need for manual selection.

Important: For Random Images to work optimally, you’ll need to turn off caching on the page that the module is implemented on.

Display a Random Image on Each Page Load

Refresh the Page to see Different Images!

Create a Gallery Of Random Images

Create a gallery of random images using the Supreme Random Image module with Divi’s Column feature. Assign different images for each module to show a different image on each load.

Refresh the Page to see Different Images!

Open Image in Lightbox & Show Overlay

To improve the user experience, you can enable the Lightbox feature that allows users to easily view images in a lightbox by clicking on them. Additionally, you can add an overlay that appears when the user hovers over the image, providing more information or context.

Refresh the Page to see Different Images!

Amazing Features You’ll Absolutely Love!

Effortlessly display various images on your website with each load using the Supreme Random Image Module. This feature-rich module offers a plethora of amazing functionalities to enhance your user’s experience.

Completely Customizable

Every things is easily Customizable from within the Module Settings.


Open Image in Lightbox

You can also enable the option to show the image being displayed to be opened in Lightbox.

Show Overlay

Enhance user interaction by displaying a custom overlay on the Images for added visual appeal.

Random Image on Each Load

Upload your Photos into the module. And It will show a random image from those photos.

Custom Link for Each Image

Include custom URLs for each photo to redirect users to specific webpages upon clicking.

100% Responsive

The Random Image module is completely responsive and looks good on any device.

Take Divi to next level with Divi Supreme

The plug-in packed with everything you need to build amazing websites with ease. Consistently a top seller on the official Elegant Themes Divi marketplace

Divi Supreme
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Divi 5 is coming soon. Take a quick look at a demo of our modules in Divi 5.