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Consultancy Landing Page Layout

If you need a website that will make a lasting impression on your consulting clients, then Consultancy Divi Landing Page is perfect for you. It comes with everything you need to create a professional and stunning website, made with the Divi Supreme modules. With these modules, you’ll have tons of features and options to choose from, making it easy to customize your website to suit your specific needs.


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Color Codes Used in this Landing Page!

The Color Palette of this Layout is based on the Colors shown on Left side of the screen. You can copy them from here If you need to make changes to Colors of the Layout. You can use Divi’s Find & Replace to feature to change all Colors at once.

Divi Supreme Modules Used in this Layout

Several Divi Supreme Modules were used on this layout and we’ve mentioned all the Modules below used to design this Layout. So you’ll have a better idea of what our Modules are capable of.

Supreme Button

Blog Carousel

Icon List

Image Carousel

Advanced Tabs


Tilt Image

Download Consultancy Landing Page Layout for Free Today
So there you go a free Consultancy Landing Page Layout for your next Website with Divi Supreme. Use It to create your next website Or customise Its elements to use for any purpose.
Divi Supreme
Divi 5 is coming soon, and we are diligently converting all our Modules to the Divi 5 Infrastructure. Take a look at a Quick Demo →
Divi 5 is coming soon. Take a quick look at a demo of our modules in Divi 5.