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Divi Freelancer Landing Page Layout

The Freelancer Landing Page Layout is powered with Divi Supreme’s Advanced Modules to give you a nice Experience for Freelancers to gain more Clients. It comes with a very unique & stunning Design, and with 100% Responsiveness.


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Color Codes

The Color Palette of this Layout is based on 3 Colors. Where the
“Hot Pink” Color is the Main Color that is used to highlight content such as Heading, Buttons, etc. And the “Blue Zodiac” color is being used as a secondary color & Background Color etc.

Whereas the “Carousel Pink” color is being used as a Background Color in some areas of the Page.

  • ^Main Color
  • ^Secondary Color

    Often used as Background Color

  • ^Background Color

Divi Supreme Modules Used in this Layout

Several Divi Supreme Modules were used on this layout and we’ve mentioned all the Modules below used to design this Layout. So you’ll have a better idea of what our Modules are capable of.

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So there you go a free Divi Freelancer Landing Page Layout for your next Website with Divi Supreme. Use It to create your next website Or customise Its elements to use for any purpose.
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