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Divi Supreme enhances the experience and features found on Divi and extend with 29+ and counting custom Divi creative modules and 6 Divi extensions to help you build amazing websites.


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Single Domain, 3 Domains, Unlimited Domains, Lifetime Unlimited Domains

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  1. jbeima (verified owner)

    We started using Divi in April of 2017 after have several bad experiences with the Monstroid family of themes from Template Monster. Turns out Monstroid was Template Monster’s attempt to copy Divi.

    Like anyone new to Divi you look around for plugins you should invest in to better optimize your development for your clients. We purchased All Access passes to the two most popular Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Life, but found all of their plugins either too buggie or too much of a challenge to use. Over time we phased out all of them.

    We continued to search, trying things like Divi Toolbox and many others. Still not very useful.

    in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2018 we found 4 companies with plugins that were easy to use, simply worked, and worked well together. These 4 companies’ products all worked well with Divi as well. As new versions of Divi came out, the plugins from these companies simply worked.

    They were and in no particular order The Divi Ultimate Plugins, The Divi Extended Plugins, the Divi Gear Plugins, and the point to all this Divi Supreme.

    We liked that with Divi Supreme instead of having to buy 20 plugins that all added 1 module to the Divi Editor you have one plugin that adds more than 20. The Google Maps module simply works and does not require you to create a Google API key or set up a Google billing profile. These modules just worked and worked well.

    Over the last year one more point came to light. Divi Supreme is updated/maintained more than any other plugin we work with. It is constantly having new things added to it and adjustments/tweeks under the hood. Being as it adds so many modules to the DIvi Builder when Divi undergoes any sort of change and/or feature adition you can bet an extremely timely update to Diviu Supreme is already in the works and ready to go.

    This year we opted to upgrade our yearly subscription to a lifetime one. This is one plugin we use on absolutely every site we build. It is a solid investment for any developer out there.

    When we have had any sort of challenge Ken has responded to us personally via email and always took care of us in an extremely reasonable and timely manor.

    In our community, you never know what or who to purchase from. Divi Supreme is one you will simply hands down never regret.

    John Beima
    CDCI Development Inc.

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