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Divi Supreme enhances the experience and features found on Divi and extend with 50+ and counting custom Divi creative modules and 8 Divi extensions to help you build amazing websites.

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31 reviews for Divi Supreme Pro

  1. jbeima (verified owner)

    We started using Divi in April of 2017 after have several bad experiences with the Monstroid family of themes from Template Monster. Turns out Monstroid was Template Monster’s attempt to copy Divi.

    Like anyone new to Divi you look around for plugins you should invest in to better optimize your development for your clients. We purchased All Access passes to the two most popular Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Life, but found all of their plugins either too buggie or too much of a challenge to use. Over time we phased out all of them.

    We continued to search, trying things like Divi Toolbox and many others. Still not very useful.

    in the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2018 we found 4 companies with plugins that were easy to use, simply worked, and worked well together. These 4 companies’ products all worked well with Divi as well. As new versions of Divi came out, the plugins from these companies simply worked.

    They were and in no particular order The Divi Ultimate Plugins, The Divi Extended Plugins, the Divi Gear Plugins, and the point to all this Divi Supreme.

    We liked that with Divi Supreme instead of having to buy 20 plugins that all added 1 module to the Divi Editor you have one plugin that adds more than 20. The Google Maps module simply works and does not require you to create a Google API key or set up a Google billing profile. These modules just worked and worked well.

    Over the last year one more point came to light. Divi Supreme is updated/maintained more than any other plugin we work with. It is constantly having new things added to it and adjustments/tweeks under the hood. Being as it adds so many modules to the DIvi Builder when Divi undergoes any sort of change and/or feature adition you can bet an extremely timely update to Diviu Supreme is already in the works and ready to go.

    This year we opted to upgrade our yearly subscription to a lifetime one. This is one plugin we use on absolutely every site we build. It is a solid investment for any developer out there.

    When we have had any sort of challenge Ken has responded to us personally via email and always took care of us in an extremely reasonable and timely manor.

    In our community, you never know what or who to purchase from. Divi Supreme is one you will simply hands down never regret.

    John Beima
    CDCI Development Inc.

  2. Deyan Kanev (verified owner)

    We are very happy about our purchase of Divi Supreme. We’ve been using the free version since we started using Divi itself back in December 2018. Only recently did we decide to buy the Pro version – the Lifetime plan, as it offers pretty good value – and boy, what a good choice did we make!

    The Pro version features some amazing functionalities – from Carousels to pop-ups, that you would otherwise need to pay for from several separete providers. Divi Supreme Pro got us covered, and I am confident that their team will keep providing us with useful features in the future!

  3. Alberto Olivera (verified owner)

    Like previous people mentioned, I also got other plugins. I was real happy when I got Divi Supreme Pro because I got replies back on Facebook. I was added to a special group where I saw future upgrades, daily updates and fixes, and even saw polls of what features the users are looking for. This is a company looking to grow and excel in its area. Plugin works great and is consistently updated.

  4. Samar (verified owner)

    Divi Supreme is the all in one Plugin for Divi. I can really step up my game in Building my next website with Divi and Divi Supreme. The guys behind Divi Supreme is really active and keep the Plugin updated. I highly recommend it.

  5. Liz England (verified owner)

    Divi Supreme Pro is on my (short) list of must-have plugins. I don’t actually use most of the modules (I have an allergy to pop-ups and animations) but those I do use are invaluable.

    My go-tos are the double button, Facebook and Twitter feeds and Google Maps without having to enter api. One of these alone is worth the license fee for me. There’s more of my sort of stuff coming soon, as the developer frequently asks what people would like to see next, then develops it!

    The service is amazing too. If I’ve had any questions of needed a bit of tweaking, Ken has responded straight away (depending on time zone) and sorted it. Everyone needs a Ken in their team!

    I highly recommend Divi Supreme Pro as a plugin to buy lifetime NOW, as if things keep going as they are the price must surely rise as new great features are constantly added.

  6. John Stephens (verified owner)

    There is so much to talk about but you should really do your own research. This plug-in has so many features and additions that it makes developing in DIVI a simpler task. Some of these modules I never knew I needed until I started testing and playing around with them. Great job devs. This is one plugin worth much more than the price. Looking forward to the constant updates, and great customer service for beginners like myself.

  7. Connor Schmitt (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this Divi Supreme. Pro version was worth it for me, and I can’t believe how many useful modules and integrations they have included with their license. Support is amazing, especially via their facebook community. If you are in need of additional modules for Divi, look no further.

  8. Krishnam (verified owner)

    If you have Divi then Divi SUPREME is a MUST. There is no other WordPress plug-in like Divi SUPREME for Divi. Divi SUPREME has some robust, amazing and exciting modules which will make your website looks superb. Each and every module is meticulously handcrafted and designed. The best thing about Divi SUPREME is rapid and regular updates. Another exciting feature is Divi SUPREME Modules are growing on a regular basis. Many new and exciting modules are added by this awesome developer Ken. You know what, he takes each and every suggestion seriously. He is answering each and every question in FB group all the time. He listens and understands the issues. Not just issues but he also implements many new features and upgrades to existing modules to make it much better, cleaner and prettier. Ken is an awesome developer who loves Divi Supreme and its community. He is always striving to give the best to those who love Divi. I have subscribed to life time license and I am sure there will many more modules added by the time I grow old 😉 Last but not the least – BUY IT BLINDLY. Take my word for it. You will love Divi SUPREME and your will keep smiling all the time. Of course, you will fall in love with Ken as well 😉

  9. Elias Meier (verified owner)

    First, I used to free Version of Divi Supreme. A great help there was the Divi Scheduled element, which is partially included. Last December Divi Supreme launched a large update of this exact element, so it was time to go for the pro version.
    I just bought it because of the amazing Divi Scheduled element. After installing the plugin I was surprised how much more the plugin has to show. It just makes your life easier and your site prettier or more functional.
    Some days ago, I discovered an issue in the popup function. I got in contact with Divi Supreme and provided them with a staging site. Not 24h later there was an update available which resolved the issue. What great support! I have not noticed something like it before. Great job.
    Divi Supreme has many futures and I know that there are even more to come. In addition, the support is great as well. You get a great value for your invest.

  10. David Oralevich (verified owner)

    I’ve been around the Divi Community for some time – and built many Divi Sites. It’s become a goto. Tremendous response to customers for service/updates etc. Keep it up.

  11. MICHAEL RICHARD (verified owner)

    An amazing plug-in. I own a web-design agency and use it on each site i make. Divi is pretty good but missed some options. Divi Supreme plug-in is here to help us. 🙂 Thanks Ken for his support on each issue i had.

  12. Joshua Berrios (verified owner)

    I came across Divi Supreme through a Google Search on quality Divi-based plugins that could achieve a few things I wanted to execute for my own web design company’s site. There were several Divi plugins I could have purchased but I did more research and compared the cost to longevity ratio and chose Divi Supreme Pro. Divi Supreme Pro has everything I need and more.

    The customer support is great and their care for their community via Facebook was surprisingly very attentive and personal.

    I definitely recommend Divi Supreme Pro if you are looking for the right all-in-one module and extensions plugin to accommodate and expand the way you build your Divi sites. I am currently on the annual membership but I do plan on purchasing their lifetime membership.

    God Bless,
    – Joshua Berrios, Founder/Lead Developer of Ixoye Design Studio

  13. david (verified owner)

    I have been using this Plugin on EVERY website job for almost 2 years now. It has been a life-saver on so many occasions. Every time we came up against a “can this be done??” – we look at one of the features and extensions of Divi Supreme and we can say YES! on top of it, the support of Ken and the team is unmatched. One time, they even helped me with an emergency over the weekend. I recommend this plug-in for every web-project. God bless! David Wildman – Owner/Creative Director, WildmanDesign.com

  14. Elizabeth Eagar (verified owner)

    Does what it says! Every module I’ve used so far has worked as expected and looked great on mobile. They’ve added two awesome new features since I purchased the plugin just a month or so ago. Definitely recommend.

  15. vipin (verified owner)

    I have been a long term Divi Supreme user 2 years now. Highly recommend fellow Divi users to get this plugin. Amazing Support anytime you need it and they keep working on new things to help your creativeness with design on Divi.

  16. robey.za (verified owner)

    I’ve been using the plugin for almost 2 years now and love it. This dev team is also super responsive and always willing to help out. Best part is that they keep updating the plugin to include new features and modules. You really can not beat it for the price. If you’re worried about paying each year, don’t, they give a very generous renewal discount.

  17. Paul Fogg (verified owner)

    As a Divi website designer I have been extremely impressed with the Divi Supreme Pro plugin. With its’ wide assortment of modules and extensions, Divi Supreme provides me with an easy to use tool that allows me to include features previously requiring a mix of other plugins. In fact the cost of the Divi Supreme plugin has more then paid for itself as I have been able to cancel other plugin subscriptions.

    As good as the plugin is, the support is equal in quality. I have had three occasions to seek support from the developer and in each instance an answer (or plugin update) was quickly provided.

    The Divi Supreme Pro plugin has my strongest endorsement. Do yourself a favor and give it a try… you won’t be sorry.

    Paul Fogg
    Grand Lake Web Designs

  18. Esther Warda (verified owner)

    LOVE this plugin. It’s such a great deal. You get the popup that creates any popup I could image and a bazillion modules that all do something Divi can’t do on its own. It’s the only popup that is this easy to use. I first purchased the license for one site to try it out. The next day I purchased the multi-site version.

    You really can’t go wrong purchasing this plugin. I wish I had known about it a long time ago. And their customer service is awesome. Ken doesn’t just sell the product and leave you. He made sure I was comfortable using it. Thanks, Ken and team for a great Divi tool and your support.

  19. Ted Cumpston (verified owner)

    I needed to schedule content to show and hide at various times. For the longest time I used the Divi Display Logic plugin. Then it stopped working for me. I reached out to the developers and have only received one email in 30 days saying they’d look into it.

    I installed Supreme Modules Lite & Pro and had some weird issues. I reached out to Ken, the founder of the plugin, and he helped diagnose the issue within a day.

    I wish more developers were as responsive to issues as Ken was. The plug in works great and I can rest knowing if I run into future issues, I’ll be treated like a valued customer. Thanks Ken!

  20. Matt Matson (verified owner)

    BEST PLUGIN SUPPORT EVER! All of my issues have been either user error, or bad coding from other plugins (I have tried many) – but Divi Supreme fixed my issues anyways!! These prices can’t last long with the quality of their products (and growing quantity) and support, so just get the Lifetime/Agency and be done with it!

    Matt Matson

  21. Luigi Antonuccio (verified owner)

    The best Divi plugin by far. The only one you will ever need. Support is also fantasic!
    Keep up the good work guys.

  22. claudia eiko (verified owner)

    If you need your website to look better, go for it. And you will also get amazingly quick customer support. Thank you guys!

  23. Adriano Gurgel Rodrigues Barbaresco (verified owner)

    I started using it and realized that this plugin is very simple to use and useful for all my website projects, offering a vast repertoire of modules to let my creativity loose, without codes!

    Also when I needed to ask questions with support I was very well attended, even with my English from Google translator 🙂

  24. Christoph Neis (verified owner)

    In the past 2 years I spent a lot of money on DIVI related plugins – some of the were ok, some were not DIVI compatible, others just not worth the money. Then I bought Divi Supreme pro and not only that I found better replacements for plugins I bought before from a different provider, I found amazing new options to pimp my DIVI websites. Like some whole new means to make the side optically better. Tricks I had to write CSS or javascript stuff for are available as a module inside the DIVI builder now. That’s great. Divi Supreme saved me a lot of time and money and sit urely will in my future WordPress projects. And: the Supreme guys work on improvements and new modules permanently, great support included. One, if not THE, best module collections for DIVI.

  25. Paul Tahalele (verified owner)

    I had some problems with the aligning of subheaders wwith the DIVI flipbox. I ‘ve got extreme quick responce on my problems. It was solved right away!! The new modules work fine and are very usefull for my projects! Thanks guys and keep up the good work!

  26. Jackie Zimmerman (verified owner)

    I’m still new to Divi supreme but so far I’m really impressed not only with the plugin but with the support. I had some weird issues after installation and I reached out to the support desk and they helped me find the problem and fix it. They back their product and sincerely want you to like it and use it. I’m very happy.

  27. Christina Gwira (verified owner)

    I never build a Divi website without adding this plugin. Support is great, Facebook community is great AND they add new features to the website at an INCREDIBLE pace!

  28. Pierre KAMA (verified owner)

    I could talk about the plugin, the modules and many other things related to Divi-Supreme but what shocked me the most is the spontaneity with which the people at Divi-Supreme are ready to help you, it does not go not only to the resolution of the difficulties that you might encounter but also the suggestions that you can make to really personalize your plugin, your sites, in fact divi-supreme makes sure that in the end you end up with a unique design that corresponds to your tastes, your colors and for me, interacting with the support (SAM Divi-Supreme) was a great human experience, I was really touched to see how your problem for SAM, for Divi-Supreme was a top priority , they don’t hesitate to make videos to show you step by step how you could solve your problem Frankly I don’t know what else to say to support you, I know it can be hard for you but I just came from everything your heart, courage, never give up, thank you ❤ GOD bless you Kisses :). Pierre KAMA (Africa: Ivory Coast

  29. Steve Kraft (verified owner)

    5 Stars for the plugin and all the functions
    5 Stars for an fast, detailed and friendly support
    divisupreme is absolutely recommendable!

  30. Daniel Eder (verified owner)

    For me, Divi was a revelation in how much faster WordPress sites could be developed, and how much easier it was for customers to make their own adjustments.

    Divi Supreme was another revelation of that kind. Websites look so much more beautiful and diverse thanks to the array of new, beautiful elements provided.

    On top of that the Divi Supreme support experience is … supreme. They are helpful, compentent and quick, in one word, they always go the extra mile.

  31. Victor Duse (verified owner)

    A really nice addition of well-designed and easy-to-use modules for Divi. Friendly and quick support as well. I use Divi Supreme on all new Divi projects from now on. Works really nice together with Divi Toolbox, creating a killer combo. 🙂

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