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About Site

Blogging Guide was created as a resource for passion economy creators (especially, bloggers), who are searching for resources, guides, and tools to help them generate an income from their online content. One of the key goals was to simplify the process of evaluating, comparing, and ultimately launching content on one of the many digital publishing platforms in this space (Medium, Substack, WordPress, Amazon KDP, etc.). While there were already some reviews of these platforms already online, I wanted to build comprehensive guides, written by experts from each platform, that I personally vetted. Essentially, I was trying to create the resource I would have wanted when I first started blogging (but didn't exist). Divi Supreme played a major role in Blogging Guide's content, as it allowed me to create custom visuals and effects using the custom modules, that made my content more accessible to readers and fun to interact with.
Divi Supreme
Divi 5 is coming soon, and we are diligently converting all our Modules to the Divi 5 Infrastructure. Take a look at a Quick Demo →
Divi 5 is coming soon. Take a quick look at a demo of our modules in Divi 5.