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About Site

NOTUS Music Notation is a new and extremely easy and quick to learn fully-fledged music notation. It is similar to conventional 5-line music notation but without clefs, sharps, flats and natural signs. In NOTUS, one learns only 7 notes and 2 new noteheads to play ALL notes and the 88 keys of the piano. The study of piano is 10 times faster and virtually error-free compared to the conventional music notation. Other problem-causing elements (e.g. tie, tuplets, repetition marks) have also been replaced by simpler systems. NOTUS gives everyone the opportunity to learn to read music easily. This applies in particular to people who have problems learning conventional music notation and therefore have to give up studying music and piano. NOTUS is suitable for ALL instruments, ALL levels and ALL ages. Currently only a piano course is available. This course is proven through pedagogical research at Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (Belgium).
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