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Supreme Read More Extension

The Divi Supreme Read More Extension is the perfect way to keep your website looking clean and organized while still providing readers access to more information. This powerful tool allows you to hide long descriptions and reveal them with a single click, creating a seamless user experience that provides everything visitors need without compromising on design or aesthetics.

Why Use SupremeRead More Extension?

The Divi Supreme Read More Extension is a must-have for all Divi users looking to give their audience the ability to quickly and easily read more of their content. This useful Extension provides an easy way to add ‘Read More’ functionality, allowing users to expand any long descriptions or text with just one click. With this extension, website owners can keep their pages concise and organized while still providing readers with ample amounts of content.

  • Packed with Power

Stunning Features You'll Love!

Collapse Long Texts

Collapse your Long Texts/Description to show it when the user clicks on Readmore Button.

Custom Collapsed Height

You can choose a Custom Collapsed Height and where the Readmore button will show.

Customize Readmore Button

You can also customize the Readmore Button, Font, Text, Size and more.

Custom CSS Styles for Button

You can also style the Readmore button with Custom CSS for more control.

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