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very Nice divi plugin! keep up the good work guys!
- Achmed

The guys are just unstoppable doing great Divi stuffs!
- Bryan

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between Divi Supreme Pro vs free?

The free version of Divi Supreme on WordPress plugin does the job very well. but if you need a professional Divi plugin, then you should consider the Pro version that empowers you with more professional modules and extensions that speed up your workflow. The pro version of Divi Supreme does everything the free version can do but with more modules, extensions and features. We’ve done the hard part. So now, as the saying goes, it’s up to your creativity.

Can I use on unlimited domains?

You can use it on unlimited websites with the business plan.

Will you guys constantly add in new features?

Yes and we plan to keep working hard not only to deliver new features in the upcoming updates but also ensure it is compatible with every Divi updates.

What's the renewal price?

We offer a 30% discount for active customers for Divi Supreme Pro.

Can I still use Divi Supreme Pro if my license expires?

YES! There’s no restriction at all. Everything will still work as per normal and the only difference is support, updates and access to the Divi Supreme Pro which require renewal. If one day, it doesn’t work with the latest Divi, then you should consider renewing your license as we are constantly updating the Divi Supreme Pro to make it compatible.

Can I sell Divi Child Theme with it?
You are not allowed to include Divi Supreme Pro in your Divi Child Theme without a Extended License from us. If you are interested, please contact us.
What payment methods do you accept?
You can use Stripe, PayPal or any credit card to pay for Divi Supreme Pro.
Divi Supreme
Divi 5 is coming soon, and we are diligently converting all our Modules to the Divi 5 Infrastructure. Take a look at a Quick Demo →
Divi 5 is coming soon. Take a quick look at a demo of our modules in Divi 5.