If you’re designing a Divi website, then you’re not going to miss out the 404 page. 404 error is one of the most common errors encountered on the World Wide Web. It means the page you requested wasn’t able to be retrieved, because it moved, the URL was mistyped, the link is broken, or, most commonly, the site is down.

Let’s talk about Divi’s default 404 page

By default, Divi’s 404 page will show up a nice and minimalist design page like the below. That’s something not everybody wants, because you want your website to look unique, nice and beautiful.

There’s a few ways to have your own Divi custom design 404 page:

  • Install a redirect plugin
  • Edit the 404.php
  • Third Party Divi Plugin

Not everyone is comfortable making a direct PHP file edit, installing a redirect plugin just for this purpose.

How to Create a Custom 404 Error Page for Divi

Using Third Party Divi plugin, Divi Supreme’s Divi Template Extension. This is available on the free and pro version. Divi Supreme plugin enhances the experience and features found on Divi and extend with custom creative modules and extensions to help you build amazing Divi websites.

How it Works?

  • Firstly, install and activate Divi Supreme plugin.
  • Navigate to Divi Supreme -> Divi Templates
  • Add New Template
  • Assign to 404 template
  • Design with Divi Builder

Click ‘Publish’ and that’s it! Now, you can finally design a creative 404 page for your site quickly and without coding, using the Divi Template.

Here’s what we came out with. We’ve done the hard part. So now, as the saying goes, it’s up to your creativity. Enjoy the Divi Supreme – Divi Template Extension!