How to Create Blob Shaped Images in Divi

Did you ever want to create Blob Shapes and Blob Images in Divi but you can’t because Divi limits you? Well, you don’t need to worry now because Divi Supreme got you covered!

With Divi Supreme’s Shapes Module and Blob Shape Image Module, you can easily create unique and stunning shapes that will make your website look even more awesome!

Today, we’ll teach you how to use the Blob Shape Image Module to showcase your Images in a new way in Divi.

Let’s Get Started

So let’s see how to use these Modules to create Modern Designs in Divi. First, open up the Divi Builder and then add the Blob Shape Image Module.

Once you’ve added the Module, the first thing you’ll need to do is add your Image.

After adding the image, It’s not time to choose a Blob Shape for your Image. You’ll see 13 different shapes from the Dropdown. Simply choose the one you like.

And now It’s time to move to the Overlay Content Panel. Where we can add a Title & Description to the Image in Overlay.

You can also enable the Option to show the Overlay Content on Image Hover.

And once you’re done in the Content Tab, It’s now time we move to the Design Tab. In the “Blob Image Settings” panel you can set up the Visibility of the Image. You can change the image Position, Size, and Height from here as well as add Border and Box Shadow If you like.

We’ve added a Height of 605px here and Box Shadow as well.

In the Overlay Panel, You can add Color or Gradient Overlay to the Image. Simply enable the Use of Overlay and set up your Color.

If you want, you can enable the Gradient Color Overlay and add the Gradient Colors the way you like.

And now in the Overlay Text Panel, you’ll be able to style the Overlay Title, Description, and set up the Spacing here.

So that’s how easy it is to create Blob Shape Images in Divi and on top of that we also provide the option to add Content to the Image If in some cases you want to show content on Image. Here’s how it looks.

So that’s It for today’s Tutorial, We hope you like it. Please let us know what you think about this creative Divi Module in the Comment section below, we’d love to hear from you.

Have a great day ✌️

How to access the Divi Supreme Blob Shape Image Module

To use the Divi Supreme Blob Shape Image Module, you need to purchase the Pro version of our plugin at the cost of $40 for one website and $79 for unlimited sites. Both plans come with a 30% discount on renewals while we also offer you premium support and free updates during the licensing period.

Our goal is to assist you to create beautiful and effective business websites without impacting negatively on user experience.

So, give Divi Supreme Pro a try today, and don’t forget to share your experience with the Divi Supreme Blob Shape Image Module in the comments section below.

Or try out the Divi Supreme Lite

Divi Supreme Lite Offers 20+ Modules and 3 Beautiful Extensions and using them you can easily extend your site’s functionality.

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