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How to get Divi Supreme Button Module with all the features mentioned above?

To have this you need to purchase the Pro version of our plugin at the cost of $40 for one website and $79 for unlimited sites. Both plans come with a 30% discount on renewals while we also offer you premium support and free updates during the licensing period. Want a more lasting plan? We also offer a Lifetime plan which goes for only $199. With it, you can install Divi Supreme Pro on unlimited websites while you also enjoy premium support and free updates forever.

The Supreme Button is easily one of the most popular modules among our users. This comes as no surprise given the numerous features it comes with. For starters, the module is accessible by both the free and paid users but the latter get to enjoy a significantly enhanced button with added features as you’ll see below.

The Divi Supreme Button module packs premium features like 29 types of button hover animations as well as 15 types of icon hovers to choose from. Additionally, it comes with a customizable image/video lightbox that allows you to create native-looking buttons for popular services such as YouTube, Tooltip, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. As if that’s not enough, you can use this module to create unique buttons for general URLs, SMS, Skype, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp services. Finally and what is perhaps the best part about this module is that it allows you to create two buttons that are separated by a separator line. This way, you can create multiple calls to actions (CTAs), for example, when you want to give your visitors options on how to reach you like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Our goal is to assist you to create beautiful and effective business websites without impacting negatively on user experience.

Or try out the Divi Supreme Lite

Divi Supreme Lite Offers 20 Modules and 3 Beautiful Extensions and using them you can easily extend your site’s functionality.