As you will see in a moment, Divi Supreme is not your typical WordPress plugin. It’s a handy tool that enables you to improve your Divi experience by expanding what you can achieve with the popular theme builder which recently released its highly anticipated version 4.0.

In this detailed post, we share the top 10 reasons you should install Divi Supreme plugin on your site to get the best out of Divi. Remember, you can choose to start free but we recommend getting the plugin’s pro version to unlock all its features and power. So is Divi Supreme right for you?

We will find out more below.

1. Built with SEO in mind

Let’s face it, SEO is the heart and soul of most online businesses. Without proper optimization for search engines, your website will struggle being found on the web by your target audience which means less business for you.

Divi Supreme is built to help you get the most out of your SEO efforts. For starters, the plugin is lightweight and will hardly slow down your site. Besides, it supports several best SEO practices like the addition of nice-looking meta title tags that appeal both the readers and search engine bots. We recently wrote a simple guide on how Divi Supreme helps you create cool titles, so be sure to check that out for more information.

2. Mobile Responsive Design

With Google and other top search engines now giving priority to mobile-friendly websites over their non-optimized counterparts, it pays to ensure that your site is mobile responsive. This means using themes, plugins and page builders that support responsive design.

Divi Supreme does a great job on this front with all its modules now fully optimized for both desktop and mobile screen devices. So, whether you’re creating your call to action buttons using the Supreme Button or adding a map using the Embed Google Map module, you can rest assured that they will look great and user-friendly even on smartphones and tablet devices.

3. First-class Support

There’s nothing as frustrating as buying a WordPress theme or plugin and the owner immediately ghosts you after you’ve completed your payment, probably never to hear from them again. This is something you won’t have to worry about when you install the pro version of Divi Supreme.

The plugin is maintained by top developers and Divi enthusiasts who are always ready to offer you premium support throughout the entire duration of your membership.

4. Affordable

For a plugin that helps to enhance your Divi experience by supplementing the builder with over 28 additional modules and six extensions, the price tag that Divi Supreme comes with is a huge bargain. The Business Plan which goes for $69 for unlimited installations is particularly excellent value for money. With it, you can install the plugin on all your websites and even those of your clients (if you’re a developer, for example). And that is not all…

5. Get huge discounts upon licence renewal

As if the affordable licence fee is not enough, Divi Supreme comes with a guaranteed 40% off on your renewals. This means that if you’ve subscribed to the Business Plan today, you will pay a subsidized fee of only $42 for unlimited websites upon renewing your licence next year. What a sweet deal!

6. Free Updates

The developers of Divi Supreme are always looking for ways to improve their plugin and this includes creating additional modules and extensions. Usually, these updates are informed by both customer feedback and changing market needs and trends. Additionally, they help to patch up possible security loopholes while also cleaning up the plugin’s coding to ensure that it remains as secure and clean as possible.

Any time any new changes are made to the plugin, you will be notified so you can update your copy to the latest available version. All this is offered to you at no extra cost as long as your license is active.

7. Multiple Customization Possibilities

Divi has done commendably well with its tens of layouts and modules that allow you to create and design your website in any way you’d like. Indeed, the reason Divi Supreme was created was to support Divi by offering more personalized features that enhance your overall experience with this amazing theme builder.

With Divi Supreme, you’re able to customize your Divi-powered website even further to create unique designs like dual heading, floating multi images, and image carousel to name just a few. This brings us to the next point.

8. You won’t need to use or learn any coding

This is possibly great news for webmasters that are just starting out in web development or managing their online businesses and have little or no experience with coding and related processes. Divi Supreme takes care of all the coding work and all you have to do is choose customization preferences from simple drop-down options provided in every module. This helps to speed up your development time and makes it incredibly easy for you to craft great web designs, sometimes in minutes or just a few hours.

9. A growing community and support

Divi Supreme just turned one year recently, a period during which it has seen immense growth including reaching thousands of installations and more users joining daily. As you can imagine, we have been able to collect hundreds of user feedbacks to improve on the plugin and make it a more finished product it is today. However, what has been even more important is the growing number of users that have now come together to form a supportive community especially for new subscribers.

For example, we have a growing Facebook page where you can learn quite a lot about Divi Supreme, ask your questions, and get notified when there’s an update on the plugin. You’re also likely to bump into discussions on our plugin in popular Facebook groups and communities especially those geared towards Divi and other Elegant Themes products.

10. Excellent for professional web designers and developers

If you love creating your web design projects using Divi theme, the Divi Supreme plugin is probably what you need to propel your career in web development to greater heights. In addition to making your work easier, this plugin also ensures that your designs stand out from the crowd with fancy features like Shuffle Letters and Gradient Text to name just a few. What is even more encouraging is that you don’t need to pay any developer fee with the Business Plan which allows you unlimited installations and grants you developer rights automatically. And the best part? You’ll still receive unlimited updates and support on all of these client sites!

So, what are you waiting for? Install Divi Supreme now and enjoy an experience like no other with Divi.