Do you ever find yourself wondering if there’s a way you can hide certain parts of your website from some people while showing them to others?

Or are you planning to run a sale for a given duration but would like to automate the process and schedule it for a later date?

If any of these situations sounds relatable, then the Divi Scheduled Element Extension by Divi Supreme plugin is a feature you would truly appreciate. With it, you can easily schedule when certain elements appear or disappear and even hide or give selected WordPress users access to particular elements. Additionally, you can show your visitors when your business is open or closed, and perform many other automated tasks as we’ll find out later in this post.

What is Divi Supreme?

If this is the first time you’re getting to hear about the Divi Supreme plugin, then it’s important for us to first introduce it to you. To begin with, this is a tool dedicated to extending the functionality of the Divi theme builder by providing you with additional modules and extensions. What this means is that you get extra features to enable you create unique and more appealing websites than you would with Divi alone.

Among the more than 31 modules and six extensions that our plugin packs, the Divi Scheduled Element extension is one of the most popular, and for a good reason. In the next section, we will explain everything you can do with this extension to enhance your design and boost your business results.

Divi Scheduled Element – What can you do with this extension?

As we already mentioned earlier, the primary use of the Divi Scheduled Element extension is to enable you hide or show certain web elements on your website. The concept behind it is to block that which you don’t want certain users or web visitors to see and show what you want to be seen when you need to only.

Here, we’ll explain four ways in which you can use this extension to meet your business goals:

Hide or show elements to users

The Scheduled Element feature can be super useful whenever you want to show different content to different users based on their status on your site. For example, you may choose to add a new section in one of your web pages with a discount offer for new visitors. This section will however not be visible to logged in users that have already interacted with your site before. All you need to implement this effect is to apply a condition to show or hide the selected element from All Users, Logged In Users, or Visitors.

Perhaps what you will love the most about this extension is that it extends the Visibility option to all parts of your site including Sections, Rows, Columns, Divi Modules, and even Divi Supreme’s Modules. As you possibly know, the Divi builder only allows you to use the Visibility setting to hide modules, rows, or sections from users based on the devices they are using – that is phone, tablet, and desktop. If you yearn for more flexibility regarding who can see (and who can’t see) your content at certain times or days, then our plugin’s Scheduled Element feature might just be what you need.

Communicate with users

The Divi Scheduled Element extension also allows you to show objects to other site users including those assigned roles like Administrator, Author, SEO manager, and Subscriber. With this feature, you can create an element and apply a condition to show or hide it from one or several of these user roles. For example, you can easily craft a message or a special notification that only the targeted users can read once they visit your site.

Set your operating hours

If you run a business that doesn’t operate 24-7, you need to be clear about when you are available and when you’ve closed shop. This helps to avoid inconveniencing customers who may be wondering why you take too long to get back to them, say, at night.

A good place to start is to set and make clear on the site your operating hours. Depending on the platform you’re using to run your online business, you can use a variety of methods to implement this. For Divi Supreme users, the Divi Scheduled Element extension enables you to hide or show the element responsible for indicating whether the business is open or closed. You can also use the feature to schedule objects like a ‘Call Now’ button that only appears during the working hours. The best part about the feature is that it runs automatically, thereby saving you loads of hours and making your business a lot more reliable.

Run a sales event

Let’s face it, everyone loves sales days – they present the best time to make purchases at discounted prices, and who wouldn’t want that? Indeed, there’s a good reason why Black Fridays and other similar days are when companies make some of their biggest sales during the year.

Divi Supreme enables you to run a scheduled promotion using the Scheduled Element extension. Set up an element that appears and disappears after a limited period notifying potential customers about a sales event you’re hosting in your business. When done right, this can drive up sales and boost your revenues and profits.

How to access the Divi Scheduled Element extension

The first step to accessing and using any of Divi Supreme’s modules and extensions is to install it on your WordPress website. Apart from that, you need to be using Divi theme builder or Extra theme by Elegant Themes for our plugin to function properly.

Just to let you know, we offer both free and paid versions of Divi Supreme – learn about their differences in this Divi Supreme Free vs. Divi Supreme Pro comparison guide.

To use the Scheduled Element extension, you need to purchase the Pro version of our plugin at the cost of $4 annually for one website and $79 for Professional Plan(unlimited sites). Both plans come with a 30% discount on renewals while we also offer you premium support and free updates during the licensing period. Want a more lasting plan? Contact us for the Agency Lifetime plan which goes for only $199. With it, you can install Divi Supreme Pro on unlimited websites while you also enjoy premium support and free updates forever!

For your information, we use no additional JS or CSS files in Divi Schedule Element Extension to ensure that the plugin doesn’t interfere with your site’s current load speed, whatsoever.

Our goal is to assist you create beautiful and effective business websites without impacting negatively on user experience.

So, give Divi Supreme Pro a try today and don’t forget to share your experience with the Divi Scheduled Element extension.