If you are looking for ways to enhance your experience with the Divi builder, only a few third-party tools can beat Divi Supreme. This light extension plugin helps to extend the functionality of Divi by adding custom modules that are sure to make your resulting designs unique and incredibly appealing.

Like most WordPress plugins, Divi Supreme offers you both free and paid versions with the latter coming with a good number of added features and functions.
But is it worth upgrading to the premium version?

This is a common question that we get asked here every now and then which is why we decided to create this detailed post to outline the key differences between Divi Supreme Free and Divi Supreme Pro. By the end of the article, you should be able to make a more informed decision on whether the free version is good enough for your web development needs or if it’s worth going premium.

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What Does Divi Supreme Entail?

First, let’s take a quick look at Divi Supreme. What is it and why would you need it?

As we mentioned earlier, Divi Supreme is an easy to use plugin that is meant to help you take Divi to the next level. With this tool, you can easily create unique web designs that you’d probably not be able to build with the default modules provided by Elegant Themes in their Divi Theme builder.

As of now, Divi Supreme Pro offers 31 additional modules and six extensions on top of what you get with Divi. Out of these, you can access 20 modules and three extensions for free while the rest can only be unlocked when you purchase the plugin’s paid version.

Divi Supreme Free

The free version of Divi Supreme has been downloaded over 300,000 times since its launch in 2018 and is currently being used in more than 30,000 websites and 5 out of 5 rating! Install the plugin in just a few clicks by visiting the official WordPress Plugin Directory while inside the dashboard area of your website. After activating it, go to the settings and enable the three available extensions to get started.

Below is a quick breakdown of the 20 modules available to you when using Divi Supreme free:

  • Divi Gradient Text
  • Divi Text Divider
  • Divi Facebook Feed
  • Divi Flipbox
  • Divi Image
  • Divi Typing Effect
  • Divi Button
  • Divi Facebook Comments
  • Divi Contact Form 7
  • Divi Embed Google Map
  • Divi Business Hours
  • Divi Caldera Forms
  • Divi Embed Twitter Timeline
  • Divi Text Badges
  • Divi Menu
  • Divi Price List
  • Divi Icon List
  • Divi Shapes
  • Divi Before After Image Slider
  • Divi Lottie

In addition, you will be able to use the following three extensions to further enhance your Divi experience.

  • Divi Templates
  • Divi Scheduled Element
  • Divi Shortcodes

Divi Supreme Pro

And now to the premium version, what extra features do you get here?

To begin with, we’ll highlight the extra modules and extensions you get when you choose to go premium. They are as follows:

Besides, you will be able to access the following three premium extensions:

Apart from the additional modules and extensions, some of the modules available on Divi Supreme Free are enhanced in the plugin’s pro version to offer you extra features. Below, we take a closer look at some of these modules which include the Supreme Divi Button, Flipbox module, Typing Effect, Supreme Menu, and the Icon List module. The goal here is to shed light on how these modules differ in the free and paid versions of Divi Supreme.

Supreme Divi Button

The Supreme Button is easily one of the most popular modules among our users. This comes as no surprise given the numerous features it comes with. For starters, the module is accessible by both the free and paid users but the latter get to enjoy a significantly enhanced button with added features as you’ll see below.

The paid Supreme Button module packs premium features like 29 types of button hover animations as well as 15 types of icon hovers to choose from. Additionally, it comes with a customizable image/video lightbox that allows you to create native-looking buttons for popular services such as YouTube, Tooltip, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. As if that’s not enough, you can use this module to create unique buttons for general URLs, SMS, Skype, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp services. Finally and what is perhaps the best part about this module is that it allows you to create two buttons that are separated by a separator line. This way, you can create multiple calls to actions (CTAs), for example, when you want to give your visitors options on how to reach you like Facebook and WhatsApp.

Flipbox Module

The popularity of flip boxes has grown tremendously among Divi users over the past few years. Unfortunately, you might need to learn a bit of coding and CSS to be able to create incredible flip features using the standard Divi builder. The good thing is that Divi Supreme can save you this hassle with its Flipbox module which comes with four animation effects on its free version and 15 on its paid one. Use this module to create interactive content and improve conversions and user experience on your site.

Typing Effect Module

Typing Effect is another useful module for the creative developers looking to add some unique touches to their web designs. The module works in a manner akin to that of a typewriter whereby letters appear as if they are being typed before the resulting sentences are deleted to allow the subsequent sentence to be typed.

While this module is available for both free and paid users, the latter get to enjoy more features like access to more effects including Fade Out and Letter Shuffling. You can also decide on the sequence your typed text will follow; that is, which text appears first and in which part of the sentence. The paid module also comes with an option to remove cursor after the typing effect is complete.

Icon List

This module enables you to create an easily manageable list of items and you can choose to assign unique icons to each item. When using the free version of Divi Supreme, you are only allowed to upload icons. However, the paid version allows you to upload images and use them as icons; this can be a great time-saver as you don’t have to convert them before uploading.

Supreme Menu

This module enables you to design your WordPress menu just as you’d like it to appear without touching any coding or CSS. You can then add it to the footer area or the sidebar. The pro version of Divi Supreme allows you to do a little more than just designing your menus by adding hover animation and schema markup on the menu links.

Scheduled Element Visibility

Want to show or hide a certain row, section or even an entire module for a given duration after which it disappears or appears? This extension is exactly what you need. The free extension only allows you to hide sections and rows while its paid counterpart extends to both Divi’s default modules as well as those of Divi Supreme. You can read more on how to schedule your elements or content in Divi here.

So, is it worth paying for the Divi Supreme Pro?

Absolutely! As we’ve seen throughout this post, there’s quite a big difference in the number of features and functions found in the free and paid versions of Divi Supreme. Paying for the plugin opens a whole new world of opportunities to customize your Divi theme builder for unique designs that help your business to stand out. The good thing is that you can begin with the free version and test out the available features in it. If impressed with it (which we can bet you will), you can then upgrade to the paid version without losing any of your content or settings.

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